Hello. My name is Declan Tyson.

I am a software and web application engineer living in London.

I spent my young life in the Garden of England until the age of 21, when I left the University of Kent with a 2:1 degree in Multimedia Technology and Design. From there I built and maintained the website for Gap 360 for a year before moving to branding agency Howoco where I went on to develop websites, apps and media for corporates such as BT, National Grid and Pictet.

This website is my personal portfolio and blog, where I mindlessly ramble about the stuff I like, as well as experimenting with random bits of code.What you see will vary often, and has a relatively high chance of being broken. Try to ignore that. Enjoy your stay.


Being surrounded by designers has rubbed off on me and has given me the drive to create unique and usable interface design for both native and web applications, helped in no small part by my background in front-end web development. As a versatile and innovative programmer, my skillset extends from UI, to building and designing databases, and even animation.

I am fluent in all the front-end aspects of web development - HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and multiple libraries and frameworks. In addition to this I have extensive experience in database design using SQL and integration with both C# and PHP. I have also developed native applications across a number of platforms, including OS X, Android, iOS and Windows. I've even worked with Ruby and Python both for the web and natively.

Programming is not the only skillset I have as my media production talent is more-than-competent - from photo manipulation using Photoshop, to video production in Premiere and After Effects, and 2D animation using Flash and ActionScript. I've also dabbled in 3D animation using Maya, but I was rubbish at that.

Very little is 'impossible' in technology if you give it the necesssary time and resources and this is a mantra that I hold in every piece of work that I do.


My primary interests are
  • Technology
  • Penguins
  • James Bond
  • Football (not American)
  • Videogames
  • Writing
  • Craft Beer
  • Heavy Metal
  • 80's Music
  • Electronica
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy